“Tragic Plane Crash Claims 10 Lives, Including State Assemblyman Johari Harun”

By | August 18, 2023



A light plane crash near Kuala Lumpur resulted in the tragic loss of 10 lives, including eight individuals on board and two motorists on the ground. The aircraft burst into flames upon impact, captured in video clips from the scene. The cause of the accident is being investigated, with a focus on retrieving the black box for flight data. This incident highlights the importance of aviation safety and the need for continued efforts to maintain the highest standards. ANIKET DIXIT reported

In a tragic event near the city of Kuala Lumpur, a light aircraft crashed onto a four-lane road, resulting in the devastating loss of ten lives. Among the victims were eight individuals who were on board the plane, while two motorists on the ground also tragically lost their lives. The impact caused the aircraft to burst into flames, creating a harrowing scene of thick black smoke, as captured in poignant video footage.

Mohamad Iqbal Ibrahim, the local police chief, sadly confirmed the somber toll, stating, “At this moment, I can confirm that at least ten people lost their lives in the plane crash. Along with the eight individuals on board the plane, two passing motorists – one in a car and one on a motorcycle – also perished.”

Among the casualties was Johari Harun, a state assemblyman responsible for housing and the environment in the central Pahang state, who was a passenger on the ill-fated plane.

The aircraft, identified as a Beechcraft Model 390, had departed from the popular resort island of Langkawi and was heading towards Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport near Kuala Lumpur. Tragically, the plane deviated from its intended course before the crash, with witnesses describing erratic flight patterns before an explosion occurred.

Malaysia’s civil aviation authority confirmed that the aircraft was carrying six passengers and two flight crew members at the time of the accident. Norazman Mahmud, the authority’s chief, revealed that no distress call had been made prior to the crash.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke stated that investigators would focus on determining the cause of the accident, placing particular importance on retrieving the aircraft’s black box, which contains crucial flight data. Loke emphasized the need to refrain from drawing speculative conclusions until the investigations are completed.

The tragic incident unfolded as the plane collided with the road near Elmina Estate, close to Shah Alam, a suburb housing residential areas and industrial facilities. Witnesses reported hearing an explosion and witnessed debris scattered around the crash site. Distressing video footage captured by witnesses and dashcams depicted the fiery impact and the subsequent devastation.

This heart-wrenching incident serves as a solemn reminder of the vulnerability of aviation safety and the catastrophic consequences that can arise from such accidents. As the investigation progresses, families mourn the loss of their loved ones, and the aviation community reflects on the crucial importance of upholding the highest standards of safety and security..