“Tragic Domestic Violence Incident: Wife Fatally Shoots Husband in Lopburi”

By | August 18, 2023



A man was fatally shot during a violent altercation with his wife in the Chaibadan district of Lopburi province. The incident occurred after a heated argument between the couple, who were farmers and parents of two children. The confrontation escalated to physical violence, with the man repeatedly striking his wife with a firearm. In self-defense, the wife managed to gain control of the weapon and shot her husband, resulting in his death. The wife has been charged with murder and is currently receiving medical care. shooting-gout-afflicted-husband” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Nattapong Westwood reported

An unfortunate incident of domestic violence resulted in a tragic outcome as a heated argument between a married couple in Chaibadan district of Lopburi province turned into a violent brawl. The altercation led to the fatal shooting of a 45-year-old man named Wasan by his wife. The distressing incident took place in a single-storey wooden house, where Wasan’s lifeless body was discovered. He had sustained multiple gunshot wounds, including one in his right shoulder, one under his right ribs, one above his right breast, and another in his body. A .38 handgun, unloaded but with six spent shells, was found on a TV stand at the scene.

The wife, Nataya, who is 36 years old, was visibly distraught and had a swollen and bruised face. Preliminary investigations by the police revealed that Nataya had been physically assaulted by her deceased husband. She received on-site first aid before being taken to Chai Badan Hospital for further treatment.

According to initial findings of the domestic violence case, the couple, who are farmers and parents of two children, had been engaged in a heated argument. The dispute arose from Wasan’s refusal to seek medical attention for his gout, which caused him to stay home all day. Nataya, who had been working in their sugarcane field, was angered by her husband’s disregard for his ailment.

The argument escalated into physical violence when Wasan repeatedly struck Nataya with the firearm, resulting in her facial swelling. In a struggle for control of the gun, two shots were fired. Nataya managed to gain possession of the weapon and escape further attacks from her husband. However, Wasan continued to threaten her, prompting Nataya to make a desperate decision to defend herself. She fired the remaining four bullets from the .38 revolver, which proved fatal for Wasan.

Nataya has been charged with intentional murder and is currently receiving medical care. Once she has recovered, legal proceedings will be initiated according to the law..