“Tragic Death of College Student Prashanth Sparks Protest and Investigation”

By | August 18, 2023



A 22-year-old college student studying marine engineering near Chennai died after vomiting blood. Fellow students blame the college’s physical director for forcing him to participate in a parade practice while he was sick. Students protested and caused a road blockade, leading to police intervention. The physical director has been dismissed from the college and an investigation is underway. Varshini Ramu reported

A 22-year-old college student studying at a private marine engineering college near Chennai’s East Coast Road (ECR) tragically passed away after vomiting blood on Thursday. The young man, identified as Prashanth, was admitted to a hospital when his condition worsened, but unfortunately, he did not respond to treatment.

Prashanth’s fellow students are placing the blame on the college’s physical director, Purushothaman, for his untimely demise. According to the students, Purushothaman disregarded Prashanth’s illness and forced him to participate in a parade practice, which only exacerbated his condition.

News of Prashanth’s death quickly spread, prompting his friends to gather at the college and hold a protest, demanding that the college management take action against those responsible for his demise. The protest escalated beyond the college grounds, resulting in a road blockade along the busy ECR, causing significant traffic congestion. The Kanathur police were called to the scene to disperse the crowd, assuring the students that a thorough investigation would be conducted. Police officials have also been stationed at the college to prevent further protests.

Following the protests, the college management took swift action and dismissed Purushothaman, who is a former serviceman. He has been issued a notice to appear for an internal inquiry. The police have registered a case and are currently investigating the matter.

It is an unfortunate incident that has caused great distress among the college community, and steps are being taken to address the situation and ensure that justice is served..