“Revenge Murder: Victim of Karupasamy’s Funeral Assassination Identified”

By | August 18, 2023



A 52-year-old lorry shed owner named J Sakthivel was brutally murdered in an act of revenge in Thoothukudi. The suspects are believed to be associates of Karupasamy, who was killed earlier this year. The police are searching for five suspects who fled the scene. The motive for the murder is believed to be the pledge made by the suspects during Karupasamy’s funeral to eliminate his enemies. Express News Service reported

A photograph depicting a scene of violence is accompanied by a news report detailing a revenge killing that took place in Sankaraperi village near Thoothukudi corporation. The victim, J Sakthivel, a 52-year-old lorry shed owner, was brutally attacked by five individuals on motorcycles who threw three homemade explosive devices at his shed before fatally assaulting him.

Sakthivel succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while the assailants quickly fled on their bikes. The Superintendent of Police, L Balaji Saravanan, visited the crime scene and discovered an unexploded explosive, which was safely neutralized. Initial investigations suggest that Sakthivel was targeted by associates of Karupasamy, who himself was brutally murdered earlier this year. Shockingly, Sakthivel had been implicated as the sixth accused in Karupasamy’s killing.

The suspects responsible for Sakthivel’s murder have been identified as Lakshmanan from Pudukottai, Chellappa from Sathankulam, Sudalai Muthu from Pudukottai, and two others. It is believed that these individuals had made a solemn vow at Karupasamy’s funeral to eliminate his enemies. Although Karupasamy had faced accusations of multiple murders, his associates were relatively unknown and had few criminal records. Consequently, they had not been subjected to detention under the Goondas Act, as confirmed by sources.

The SIPCOT police station has initiated a case in response to this heinous crime, and an intensive manhunt is currently underway to apprehend the five suspects..