“Remembering the Victim: Honoring the Deceased in Tragic Incident”

By | August 18, 2023



A picture of an unknown source was used in the news article. Cox Media Group is a part of Cox Media Group Television. The website follows a Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy, and provides options for Ad Choices. WPXI.com News Staff reported

The provided image cannot be displayed. This image is from a website belonging to Cox Media Group, a television network. Visitors to this website are required to agree to the terms of the Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy, as well as understand the options available for Ad Choices. The website also offers information about careers at Cox Media Group. Additionally, the website includes a script for the Facebook SDK.

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Unfortunately, the image provided cannot be shown at this moment. It originates from a website associated with Cox Media Group Television, a reputable television network. When visiting this website, users are required to acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in the Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy. These terms aim to safeguard the privacy and rights of visitors. Furthermore, the website provides insights into potential career opportunities within Cox Media Group. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in pursuing a profession in the media industry. Additionally, the website incorporates a script for the Facebook SDK, which is a software development kit that facilitates integration with the Facebook platform.

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