NFL Veteran Robert Quinn Identified as Hit-and-Run Driver in Summerville

By | August 18, 2023



NFL veteran and Ladson native, Robert Quinn, turned himself in after being accused of hitting multiple vehicles and fleeing the scene in a Summerville neighborhood. Quinn attended a bond hearing and was granted bonds for the charges he’s facing. However, residents in the community are frustrated with the outcome, feeling that Quinn’s treatment was unfair due to his NFL status. They believe he should be in jail and held accountable for his actions. Quinn has been released from jail and will have a court date assigned to him. Meredith Blair reported

An individual who is both an NFL veteran and a resident of Ladson, South Carolina has been identified as the driver responsible for a hit-and-run incident involving multiple vehicles in a Summerville neighborhood on Tuesday night, according to the police. Robert Quinn, the accused, turned himself in on Friday morning and later attended a bond hearing. The judge granted Quinn bonds for seven charges he is facing, including hit and run with someone in the vehicle, unintended hit-and-runs, striking a highway fixture, and assault and battery in the third degree. However, residents in the Carrington Chase community expressed frustration with the outcome of the hearing. They were disappointed with the bond Quinn was released on, considering his actions on Tuesday night to be unexplainable and belligerent. The residents believed that Quinn should have been treated like any other individual and that his status as an NFL player should not have influenced the decision. They expressed concerns that his behavior could have resulted in someone being seriously injured or killed. Despite their dissatisfaction, Quinn was released from jail on Friday and will be assigned a court date in the future..

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