“Mentally Disturbed Man Found Dead, Tied Underneath Berth in Train”

By | August 18, 2023



A mentally disturbed man was found dead, tied underneath a berth in a train compartment at Chennai Central railway station. His relatives had tied him up after passengers expressed insecurity due to his unstable behavior. The man’s neck was also tied to prevent him from screaming. The police suspect he died of strangulation while trying to free himself. The two relatives have been detained by the police. The Indian Express reported

A man who was suffering from mental instability was discovered dead, his body tied beneath a berth in a general compartment of the Kochuveli Gorakhpur Raptisagar Express train at Chennai Central railway station. The man, believed to be in his mid-twenties, was accompanied by two relatives from Erode in the state, who had intended to take him to his hometown. However, due to passengers feeling insecure about his behavior, the relatives tied his hands and feet and hid him under the berth. The police stated that his neck was also tied with a cloth to prevent him from making any noise. Unfortunately, the man likely died from strangulation while attempting to free himself. When the train arrived at the Central railway station, the relatives attempted to wake him, but he did not respond. The Government Railway Police (GRP) was informed and the body was sent for post-mortem examination. Further inquiries revealed that the deceased, named Prakash, had traveled to Erode to work at a stone quarry but displayed signs of mental instability, prompting the contractor to ask his relatives to take him home. The police have registered a case and have detained the two relatives, Ramkumar and a juvenile, for further investigation..