“Mentally Disturbed Man Found Dead, Tied Underneath Berth in Chennai Express Train”

By | August 18, 2023



A mentally disturbed man was found dead in a train compartment at Chennai Central railway station. His relatives tied him up and placed him under a berth after passengers expressed insecurity due to his behavior. The man died from strangulation while trying to free himself. The police have detained the two relatives and registered a case. PTI reported

A mentally disturbed individual from Chattisgarh was discovered deceased, with his body secured beneath a berth in a general compartment of the Kochuveli Gorakhpur Raptisagar Express train at Chennai Central railway station, as reported by the police on Friday. The man, in his mid-twenties, suffered from mental instability. His two relatives, who accompanied him from Erode in the state, tied his hands and feet and concealed him beneath the berth in a general compartment after some passengers expressed concern when he wandered around the compartment. The Government Railway Police (GRP) stated that his neck was also reportedly bound with a cloth to prevent him from making noise. A police official stated that the man may have died from strangulation while attempting to free himself. When the train arrived at the Central railway station late in the evening on August 16, the two relatives attempted to wake him, but their efforts were in vain. The GRP was notified and sent the body for post-mortem examination. Police inquiries with Ramkumar, who accompanied the deceased identified as Prakash from Chattisgarh, revealed that the mentally challenged man had traveled to Erode this month to work at a stone quarry. However, when he exhibited signs of mental instability, the contractor instructed his relatives to take him home. Consequently, they boarded the train at Erode. Nonetheless, his deteriorating health condition disturbed fellow passengers, who complained to Ramkumar and a juvenile accompanying him. In an attempt to restrict his movement within the train compartment, the two individuals bound Prakash with the cloth and pushed him beneath a berth, tragically resulting in his demise, according to the police. The GRP has filed a case, and both Ramkumar and the juvenile have been apprehended by the authorities..