“Married Couple Killed in Fatal Crash, Driver Charged in Deaths”

By | August 18, 2023



A married couple, Michaele Zadekian and Steven Harnasch, were killed in a three-vehicle crash on East Trent Avenue. The driver, Kelly Dockins, has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. Witnesses reported that Dockins collided with a Mitsubishi Lancer, which was then struck by an Avista Utilities commercial vehicle. Dockins admitted to causing the crash and showed signs of impairment. He remains in jail on a $100,000 bond. Zadekian, a registered nurse and mother, loved photography, motorcycle rides, and her dogs. Garrett Cabeza, The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash. reported

On August 17th, tragedy struck when a married couple lost their lives in a devastating three-vehicle crash on East Trent Avenue. The responsible driver has now been charged with their deaths. The Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that Michaele Zadekian, aged 53, and Steven Harnasch, aged 44, suffered fatal blunt force injuries to their head, neck, torso, and extremities.

Through their Facebook profiles, it is evident that Zadekian and Harnasch were married and resided in Spokane. Kelly Dockins, aged 45, has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide in connection with the collision.

Eyewitnesses have provided accounts to the police, stating that Dockins, driving a Ford Explorer, was exiting the SERVPRO driveway on Trent Avenue when he collided with a westbound silver Mitsubishi Lancer. The impact pushed the Mitsubishi into the path of an Avista Utilities commercial vehicle, resulting in a second collision. The Avista driver reported that Dockins emerged from his SUV and appeared distraught, exclaiming, “Oh my god, they’re dead.”

Upon inspection, law enforcement officers noted the front-end damage on both the Ford and Avista vehicles, as well as extensive damage to the Mitsubishi, which aligned with the witness statements. Dockins admitted to causing the crash and confirmed the witnesses’ descriptions.

Dockins explained that as he was pulling out of the SERVPRO parking area, he checked for oncoming traffic but still collided with the westbound vehicle. He claimed that the other vehicle swerved to avoid the crash, causing it to lose control and collide with the Mitsubishi.

An officer observed minor abrasions on Dockins’ head and forehead, and Dockins complained of dizziness. However, medical professionals determined that he did not require immediate medical attention. Dockins told the police that he had not used cannabis that day but mentioned that he occasionally uses cannabis concentrate when he does consume it.

Based on field sobriety tests, the police suspected that Dockins was impaired. He was subsequently taken to MultiCare Deaconess Hospital for clearance. During his time at the hospital, Dockins exercised his Miranda rights when questioned about central nervous system stimulants.

Police obtained a warrant to collect Dockins’ blood for testing, as documented in court records. Currently, Dockins remains in jail with a bail set at £100,000. He is scheduled for an arraignment in front of Spokane County Superior Court Judge Timothy Fennessy on Tuesday.

According to Zadekian’s obituary, she was a registered nurse and a loving mother to three sons with four grandchildren. The obituary also highlighted her passion for photography, motorcycle rides, and her beloved dogs..