“Man Arrested for Keeping Girlfriend’s Body in Residence for Days: Celina Rebholz Identified as Victim”

By | August 18, 2023



A man in Las Vegas has been arrested and charged with murder after allegedly keeping his girlfriend’s body in his residence for multiple days. The arrest came after a tipster reported the homicide to the police. The tipster claimed that the girlfriend had been killed two days prior and that the suspect was planning to move the body. The police found the deceased woman with multiple gunshot wounds in the suspect’s room. The suspect pleaded not guilty and is awaiting a preliminary hearing. Elaine Emerson reported

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – According to an arrest report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, a man has been accused of murdering his girlfriend and keeping her body in his residence for several days before being apprehended by the authorities. James Gina, the suspect, was arrested on August 14 on a murder charge after police discovered the deceased body of his girlfriend, Celina Rebholz, inside his home. A tipster informed the police about the crime, expressing fear for their own safety while reporting the incident. The tipster revealed that two days prior, Gina had threatened Rebholz’s life during an argument, even mentioning shooting her three times. Upon returning to the apartment three hours later, the tipster found Gina in a distressed state, and Rebholz was discovered on the bedroom floor with a bullet wound to her chest, but still alive. Uncertain of what to do, the tipster left the scene without calling for medical assistance. When they returned the next day, Rebholz was no longer present, and Gina claimed to have placed her body in the attic. The tipster also informed the police that Gina had obtained a rental car, presumably to move the body. Two other individuals corroborated the tipster’s account, with one admitting that Gina had sent them a text stating, “She’s gone, she’s dead,” and another revealing Gina’s intention to use the rental car due to the foul odor emanating from Rebholz’s body. Police subsequently entered Gina’s residence and took him into custody, finding Rebholz’s deceased body on a couch, covered by a blanket. The autopsy revealed 12 gunshot wounds on the victim’s body, and the couch displayed multiple bullet holes. During the police interview, Gina declined to provide a statement. According to court records, Gina pleaded not guilty to the shooting on August 17 and was denied bail. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 5..