“Los Angeles Man Ordered to Stand Trial for String of Shootings and Robberies, Leaving Three Dead”

By | August 18, 2023



A Los Angeles man, Malik Patt, who confessed to a string of shootings and robberies across Southern California in 2022, has been ordered by a judge to stand trial. Patt admitted to carrying out robberies, killings, and attempted killings at various convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. He did not provide a clear motive for the killings but implied that race may have played a factor. Patt has been charged with multiple counts of special circumstances murder, attempted murder, and robbery. His co-defendant, Jason Payne, pleaded guilty to robbery charges and was sentenced to seven years in prison. Sean Emery reported

A photograph presented in court shows a Los Angeles man who has confessed to a series of shootings, resulting in the deaths of three individuals, during a spree of robberies at convenience stores and fast-food restaurants across Southern California in 2022. The Orange County Superior Court judge has ordered Malik Patt, 21, to stand trial. Patt, in a videotaped interview shown in court for the first time, admitted to carrying out a string of robberies, killings, and attempted killings at various establishments in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Although he did not provide a clear motive for the killings, he suggested that race may have played a role in his decision to shoot certain individuals. Initially, he denied any involvement in the crimes, but later confessed when detectives informed him that his family members had identified him from surveillance footage. Patt admitted to killing a homeless man, a customer, and a clerk at different 7-Eleven stores, as well as shooting and injuring individuals at other locations. His defense attorney, Michael Hill, pointed out that Patt also claimed to have shot three other men in Los Angeles and Fullerton, but there is no evidence to support these claims. Investigators have linked Patt to 16 robberies that occurred over four separate mornings in July 2022, but he stated that the robberies had started in January 2022 and included check cashing businesses before he decided to target convenience stores. Patt provided varying and vague explanations for why the robberies turned deadly. During the interview, he made racially-charged comments about his victims and displayed no remorse for his actions. Patt burned the sweatshirt he wore during the fatal robberies and disposed of the gun. He also distanced his older co-defendant, Jason Payne, from the crimes, claiming that Payne was not involved. However, Payne later admitted to being present during the crime spree but stated that he was often sleeping in the car and did not enter any of the establishments. The police identified Patt and Payne through surveillance footage of a black BMW seen near one of the robberies in Santa Ana. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is leading the prosecution of the three murders, including the shooting of a homeless man in Los Angeles County, which they believe is connected to the same series of killings. Following a preliminary hearing, the judge ruled that there is enough evidence for Patt to stand trial on multiple charges, including special circumstances murder, attempted murder, and robbery..