“Local Journalist Vimal Kumar Yadav Shot Dead in Bihar; Unidentified Gunmen Responsible”

By | August 18, 2023



A journalist from Bihar’s Araria, identified as Vimal Kumar Yadav, was shot dead at his home by unidentified gunmen. The incident occurred when the gunmen knocked on Yadav’s door early in the morning and shot him upon opening. Yadav’s wife discovered him lying in a pool of blood after hearing the gunfire. The Quint reported

A journalist residing in Araria, Bihar, fell victim to a tragic incident as unidentified assailants entered his residence and fatally shot him. The incident, which occurred on the 18th of August, claimed the life of Vimal Kumar Yadav, a 35-year-old journalist associated with the renowned newspaper Dainik Jagran. At approximately 5:30 AM that morning, the perpetrators approached Yadav’s doorstep and mercilessly attacked him when he opened the door. The sound of gunshots alarmed Yadav’s wife, prompting her to rush outside and discover her husband lying lifeless in a pool of his own blood..