“Gangrape Accused Shot by Police While Trying to Escape – Victim’s Name Involved”

By | August 18, 2023



A gangrape accused, identified as Soma, was shot in the leg by Bannerghatta police while attempting to attack them and escape. Soma, an autorickshaw driver, was arrested along with two others for their alleged involvement in the rape and murder of a mentally-challenged woman. The incident came to light when a child was found crying in a nearby grove. The police shot at Soma after he tried to attack them during a spot inspection where he had thrown a dagger, which was used in the crime. Soma has a pending murder case and is a drug addict. The Hindu reported

A suspect accused of gangrape was shot in the leg by the Bannerghatta police in the early hours of Friday, August 18, after allegedly attempting to attack police officers in an effort to escape. The accused, a 26-year-old auto-rickshaw driver named Soma, was apprehended alongside two other individuals, Harish (24) and Jayanth Rao (19), for their alleged involvement in the rape and murder of a mentally-challenged 39-year-old woman. The victim’s partially-clothed body was discovered by villagers in the morning of August 13. The incident was brought to the attention of authorities when a group of young people partying near a forest area heard a child’s cries. They found the child with minor facial injuries. The village was gripped by tension upon the discovery of the body, with villagers expressing concerns about the safety of women in the area during the evening hours. Following the arrest, the police took Soma to the location where he had discarded a dagger, which was believed to be the murder weapon. During this process, Soma allegedly attempted to attack the police in an escape bid, prompting the officers to fire a warning shot in the air. Despite the warning, the accused persisted, leading the police to shoot him in the leg. He was subsequently transported to the hospital. Police officials revealed that Soma had a prior murder case pending against him and was known to be a drug addict..