“Complicated Murder Case: Victim Identified as Chad Holvig, Investigation Continues”

By | August 18, 2023



Maricopa County Sheriff’s investigators are still piecing together the details of a complex murder case. The victims have been identified as Chad Holvig and Anthony Vayne. Holvig disappeared in July and was found dead, while Vayne’s body was discovered during a search warrant. The suspects, Roberto Bernal and Christina Bernal, have a significant criminal history. Family members of the victims are speaking out and expressing concern for their safety during the investigation. Nicole Garcia reported

Maricopa County Sheriff’s investigators are currently piecing together the details of a complex murder case. Sheriff Paul Penzone recently provided new information about the case, revealing that one of the victims has been identified as Chad Holvig, a 51-year-old man. Holvig went missing in July after leaving his Tonopah home to visit his 25-year-old son, Dalton, in Goodyear. Both father and son were reported missing, prompting an investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

In early August, MCSO officials executed a search warrant at a residence near Goodyear and discovered Dalton, who had been shot three times. Dalton informed investigators that he had been shot several weeks prior and that his wounds had become infected due to lack of proper care. He is currently hospitalized. Alongside Holvig’s body, authorities also found the remains of Anthony Vayne, a 31-year-old man. Vayne’s body was not the target of the search warrant and was discovered coincidentally.

Sheriff Penzone stated on August 17 that determining the time of death for the victims has been challenging, but it is likely that they had been deceased for a considerable period. He emphasized that this case highlights the consequences of drug use and the willingness to resort to violence, resulting in the abandonment of deceased bodies on the property.

Court documents have recently revealed the extensive criminal histories of the individuals arrested at the residence where Holvig and Vayne’s bodies were found. Roberto Bernal, one of the arrested individuals, has been indicted and convicted of numerous charges over the past two decades, including involvement in a criminal street gang, car theft, trafficking stolen property, armed robbery, fraud, extortion, and various drug and weapons offenses. Another individual, Christina Bernal, was also arrested alongside Roberto Bernal for alleged kidnapping, assault, and weapons offenses. However, neither of them has been accused of murder at this time.

Records indicate that Dalton, the surviving victim, also has a recent criminal history, including possession of a stolen tractor and motorcycle, as well as drug-related offenses. A warrant had been issued for Dalton’s arrest due to an alleged probation violation.

The families of Holvig and Vayne have spoken out during the ongoing investigation. Holvig’s niece described him as a loving uncle, father, and grandfather. The family remains unaware of the connection between Holvig, Dalton, and the suspects, expressing concern for their safety throughout the investigation. The Vayne family stated that Anthony aspired to become a professional snowboarder and sought to be a good friend and brother who inspired others. They, too, are unaware of the connection between Vayne and the other individuals targeted by the deputies’ search.

In summary, this murder case in Maricopa County remains complex as authorities continue to gather evidence and piece together the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Chad Holvig and Anthony Vayne. The investigation has revealed concerning criminal histories of the individuals arrested at the scene, while the families of the victims express confusion and worry about their loved ones’ connections to the suspects..