“Bodies of Two Youths Recovered from Locked House on Outskirts of Odisha Capital”

By | August 18, 2023



Two youths, identified as Sushant Das and Jagabandhu Behera, were found dead in a locked house near a buffalo dairy farm in Bhingarpur, Odisha. The owner of the farm, Antaryami Das, discovered the bodies after receiving no response from the youths. Balianta police are investigating the circumstances surrounding their deaths. OB Bureau reported

In Bhubaneswar, the bodies of two young individuals were discovered in a locked house near a buffalo dairy farm in Bhingarpur, located on the outskirts of Odisha’s capital, on Friday morning. The deceased have been identified as Sushant Das, aged 48, and Jagabandhu Behera, aged 22, both hailing from Niali. They were residing at the farm, which is owned by Antaryami Das.

According to Das, he had last spoken to his employees at the farm at approximately 10:30 pm on Thursday. He missed a call around 1:30 am, as he was asleep at the time, and when he returned the call, there was no answer. Upon visiting the farm in the morning, Das discovered that the room was locked from the inside. With no response from the two individuals, he informed the local community and the police.

After breaking open the door, the bodies were found. Das mentioned that one of the deceased had recently joined the farm approximately 15 days ago. The Balianta police have initiated an investigation to determine the circumstances leading to their untimely demise.

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