“17-year-old girl commits suicide over college admission failure; 35-year-old motorcyclist shot dead in Kahna; 50-year-old man killed in Hayer; 2 labourers injured in building collapse; 2 dacoits arrested in Civil Lines”

By | August 18, 2023



A 17-year-old girl in Lahore committed suicide after failing to get admission to a college. Depressed, she locked herself in a room and hung herself with a scarf. In another incident, a 35-year-old motorcyclist was shot dead in the Kahna area, possibly due to old enmity. Additionally, a 50-year-old man was shot dead in Hayer. Two labourers were injured when an under-construction building collapsed in Green Town. In a separate incident, two members of a shooters and dacoit gang were arrested by Civil Lines Police. Our Correspondent reported

A tragic incident unfolded in Lahore as a young girl, aged 17, took her own life due to the disappointment of not being able to secure admission into a college for further education. The girl, named Mehreen, had aspired to continue her studies after completing her matriculation but was unable to fulfill her aspirations. Succumbing to her deep despair, she isolated herself in a room and tragically ended her life by hanging herself with a scarf.

In another distressing incident, a 35-year-old motorcyclist named Akbar Ali Shah from Batapur was ruthlessly gunned down in the Kahna area of Lahore. While he was on his way, a group of car riders at Kacha Chowk unleashed a barrage of gunfire at him, causing him fatal injuries. Preliminary investigations suggest that this act of violence may have been motivated by longstanding enmity. Furthermore, in a separate incident in Hayer, a 50-year-old man lost his life when unidentified assailants intercepted him near the Rakh Burj village on Bedian Road and mercilessly shot him.

Tragedy struck once again when an under-construction building in Green Town collapsed, resulting in the injury of two laborers. The incident took place at Hafiz Chowk, where a house was being constructed. Regrettably, the structure gave way, causing harm to the workers involved.

In a positive turn of events, the Civil Lines Police managed to apprehend two individuals who were part of a notorious gang involved in shootings and robberies. The suspects, identified as Muhammad Usama and Faisal, were successfully taken into custody for further investigation..