“Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Phoenix PD Over Officer-Involved Shooting”

By | August 17, 2023



The City of Phoenix and members of the police department are facing a wrongful death lawsuit following an officer-involved shooting. The incident occurred in November 2022 when police responded to a call about an armed man. The suspect, identified as Leontae Kirk, was shot and killed by officers. Kirk’s family has filed a 45-page complaint seeking justice and naming the city and police chief as defendants. The officers involved in the shooting are still on duty, and the Justice Department is investigating the Phoenix Police Department’s use of force. shooting-files-lawsuit” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Brian Webb reported

The City of Phoenix, along with several members of the city’s police department, are currently facing a lawsuit for wrongful death following an incident involving an officer-involved shooting. The fatal shooting took place on November 2, 2022, when a 911 call reported an armed man pointing a gun at someone in the vicinity of 37th Avenue and McDowell Road. Upon arrival, the police discovered multiple individuals with firearms in a strip mall parking lot, with one person allegedly shooting at others. In response, the officers opened fire on the suspected shooter. The individual involved in the incident was identified as 29-year-old Leontae Kirk, and fortunately, no other individuals were injured. The Phoenix Police officials revealed that the officers involved had several years of experience within the department and were stationed at the Maryvale/Estrella Mountain police precinct. Additionally, it was mentioned in a video briefing that the officers provided aid to Kirk after the shooting.

Following the incident, Kirk’s family filed a 45-page complaint naming the City of Phoenix, Phoenix Police Chief Michael Sullivan, and several officers as defendants in the wrongful death lawsuit. Initially, the family sought a settlement of $25 million. On August 16, members of Kirk’s family gathered outside the Federal Courthouse in Phoenix to demand justice. Kashane Kirk, Leontae’s brother, expressed the devastating loss they felt, explaining that Leontae had a promising future and was actively involved in his daughter’s life, making her the most affected by his absence. Attorney Sean Woods, representing the family, alleged that Officer Garza fired three shots at Leontae, who was on the ground with his hands raised, and simultaneously, Officer Roy fired his entire magazine with 17 bullets while Leontae was backing up with his hands still in the air. Woods claimed that although Leontae was armed and waved his gun, he never pulled the trigger, leading to the accusation that the officers mistakenly killed the wrong man without facing any consequences.

The Justice Department has been conducting an investigation into the Phoenix Police Department regarding their use of force, and the Kirk family believes they are among the numerous victims affected by this issue. Kashane Kirk expressed the immeasurable grief experienced by the entire family, emphasizing that their memories are all they have left. Despite attempts to obtain a response from the Phoenix Police Department and the City of Phoenix, both entities have yet to provide a statement..

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