“Undocumented Migrant Dies in Border Patrol Pursuit Crash”

By | August 17, 2023



A U.S. Border Patrol agent attempted to stop a maroon GMC Yukon on Arizona State Route 80, but the vehicle failed to yield. The pursuit was terminated, and the agent tried to immobilize the vehicle with a device, but it was unsuccessful. The Yukon continued to flee, and later crashed, resulting in injuries to undocumented migrants. The driver of the Yukon fled the scene and remains at large. The incident is currently under investigation. Hstoday reported

In the early hours of August 4, 2023, a U.S. Border Patrol agent stationed at the Willcox, Arizona Border Patrol Station spotted a maroon GMC Yukon SUV traveling northbound on Arizona State Route 80. The agent, who was in a marked Border Patrol transport van, immediately requested a records check on the vehicle from Tucson Sector Communications. The response came a few minutes later.

The agent then attempted to pull over the Yukon on Interstate 10, but the driver failed to yield to the agent’s emergency lights and siren. A Border Patrol watch commander, who was in a marked Border Patrol truck and following behind the agent, witnessed the failed attempt to stop the Yukon.

As the agent continued to pursue the speeding Yukon, he provided updates over the radio, stating that there were no other vehicles on the road and that the Yukon was traveling at 95 miles per hour in the right lane. He also called for additional assistance from other agents, Customs and Border Patrol air assets, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

A supervisory Border Patrol agent, acting as the pursuit supervisor, suggested that the agent and watch commander back off and allow the Yukon to exit the highway. The agent agreed to give the Yukon some space, and the watch commander recommended terminating the pursuit temporarily, with the possibility of reengaging later.

At mile marker 297, the pursuing agent officially terminated the pursuit, turning off the van’s lights and siren. The watch commander confirmed the termination over the radio and informed the agent and watch commander that there was no available support from CBP air assets or other agents further ahead.


The watch commander then took the lead and drove ahead of the Yukon. He planned to deploy a vehicle immobilization device if he could get far enough ahead. Dispatch notified the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and the watch commander successfully passed the Yukon and set up the immobilization device ahead of it. The agent was instructed to reacquire the Yukon and report its position.

However, when the watch commander deployed the immobilization device, it failed to stop the Yukon and instead punctured an uninvolved vehicle. The watch commander quickly located the affected vehicle and assisted its occupants with repairs. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The agent reported that he was following an unmarked Arizona Department of Public Safety Dodge Charger behind the Yukon. He exited the highway at mile marker 267, Valencia Road, along with the Arizona DPS Charger and the Yukon. The agent communicated that the Yukon had run several red lights on East Valencia Road, with the Arizona DPS unit in pursuit.

At around 4:09 a.m., it appeared that the Arizona DPS had stopped the Yukon at the intersection of East Valencia Road and Country Club Road in Tucson, Arizona. However, it was later clarified that the Yukon had been involved in a vehicle crash, and Arizona DPS was already on the scene.

Video footage from Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility showed that the Arizona DPS Charger arrived at the crash scene shortly after the Yukon came to a stop. The Border Patrol agent arrived just ten seconds later and assisted the trooper in securing the scene and providing aid to an injured undocumented migrant.

The driver of the Yukon managed to flee the crash scene and evade authorities. Inside the Yukon were two adult males and one adult female undocumented migrant. Emergency Medical Services were called to the scene, and the three migrants were transported to Banner University Medical Center. Border Patrol agents were dispatched to the hospital to monitor the apprehended migrants. Unfortunately, one adult male, who was identified as a Mexican citizen, was pronounced deceased by the hospital attending physicians.

The incident is currently under investigation by Homeland Security Investigations, the Tucson Police Department, and the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office. CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility is also conducting a review. The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General has been informed of the incident.

(Source: CBP).

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