“Tonopah Man Found Dead in Goodyear Home, Son Also Shot”

By | August 17, 2023



Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone announced that Chad Stuart Holvig, a man reported missing last month, was found dead in a home near Goodyear. Holvig’s son, Dalton Holvig, was also found shot at the same location. Chad had left his home in Tonopah on July 4 to visit Dalton in Goodyear, and family members reported him missing when they lost contact with him. Dalton, who was found alive but shot three times, claims he was held against his will. Two bodies, including Chad’s, were discovered at the home, and investigators suspect foul play. Ben Bradley reported

In Goodyear, Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone announced in a press conference that the body of Chad Stuart Holvig, a missing Tonopah resident, was discovered during a search at a residence. The Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified Chad Holvig, who was found shot alongside his son, Dalton Holvig, at the same location.

Chad had left his Tonopah home on July 4 to visit his son in Goodyear. However, after two days without contact, family members reported him missing, noting that it was unusual for him to leave his dogs and personal belongings behind. Later on July 11, Dalton was also reported missing.

On August 10, the sheriff’s deputies conducted a search at a residence near Goodyear, where they found Dalton alive but injured from three gunshot wounds to his lower extremities. Investigators believe he was shot around July 9 and stated that he had been held against his will. Dalton is currently receiving medical treatment in a hospital.

During the search, authorities discovered two bodies. Chad Holvig was identified as one of the deceased, but the cause of his death is still under investigation. The other body was identified as 31-year-old Anthony Vayne, who died from a gunshot wound. Sheriff Penzone expressed challenges in determining the time of death due to the extended period the victims may have been on the property. He also mentioned the possibility of other people having information about the responsible parties and whether both deaths were homicides.

In addition to the bodies, law enforcement recovered multiple weapons and potential evidence during the search. Roberto and Cristina Bernal, a married couple residing at the property, were arrested on weapons-related charges. Roberto also faced charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Sheriff Penzone revealed that kidnapping charges had been added for both suspects, and further charges might follow.

Dalton Holvig was a resident of the home where the Bernals lived, and investigators are still working to establish the connection between Anthony Vayne and the case. Sheriff Penzone highlighted the drug-related environment and the presence of violence that led to such tragic events, emphasizing the need for information from the public. Individuals with relevant information are urged to contact the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office or Silent Witness.

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