“Texas Dad Discovers 11-Year-Old Daughter Maria Gonzalez Strangled to Death and Sexually Assaulted”

By | August 17, 2023



An 11-year-old girl named Maria Gonzalez was found strangled to death under her bed in her Texas home. Her father, Carmelo Gonzalez, discovered her body after returning from work. The police have not identified any suspects and are seeking the public’s help in the investigation. Maria had been sexually assaulted before being killed. The father’s alibi has been confirmed, ruling him out as a suspect. The police are urging anyone with information to come forward. By Sophie Mann For Dailymail.Com reported

A tragic incident unfolded in Texas when a father returned home from work to discover his 11-year-old daughter, Maria Gonzalez, strangled to death and hidden beneath her bed. The family had recently moved to an apartment complex in Pasadena, Texas, where the horrifying crime took place. Authorities were alerted to the scene after a distressing call from the complex reporting that the young girl was not breathing. Despite the prompt response of paramedics, Maria was pronounced dead at the scene. The father, Carmelo Gonzalez, had made the gruesome discovery upon his return home. It was later revealed that Maria had been sexually assaulted before being killed. As of now, the police have yet to identify any suspects and are reaching out to the public for assistance in their investigation. Carmelo shared that he had left for work at approximately 10 a.m. on that fateful day and had been in contact with his daughter over the phone. During their conversation, Maria informed him that a stranger had been knocking at their front door. Concerned, Carmelo reached out to family members residing in the same complex to check on his daughter. However, they were unable to locate her until Carmelo arrived home and made the tragic discovery. The official cause of Maria’s death was determined to be asphyxiation due to strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Further investigation revealed that she had also been subjected to sexual assault. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that there was no forced entry into the home, and at present, no suspects have been identified. Pasadena Police Chief, Josh Bruegger, stated that Carmelo’s alibi has been verified, ruling him out as a suspect. It was disclosed that the father and daughter had been living in the apartment complex for approximately three months, while Maria’s mother resides in Guatemala. Chief Bruegger has appealed for anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious around 10 a.m. on the day of the incident to come forward with any pertinent information. He also assured the public that the police are diligently working to solve this heinous crime, expressing personal concern as a parent himself. Despite facing challenges in obtaining cooperation, law enforcement has gathered DNA samples from individuals residing in the complex. Pasadena, a sizable city southeast of Houston, has been left shaken by this tragic event..

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