“Retired BSF Jawan’s Sinister Scheme Turns Deadly: Daughter and Son-in-Law’s Parents Killed Instead”

By | August 17, 2023



A retired BSF jawan in Punjab’s Batala planned to kill his daughter and son-in-law, but the hired criminals ended up killing the parents instead. The bodies of the couple were found in their home, and two of the assailants have been arrested while one remains at large. The accused individuals have been identified, and the police have recovered stolen items related to the crime. The motive behind the murders was the father’s dissatisfaction with his daughter’s love marriage. Abhishek Awasthi reported

A disturbing incident has unfolded in Batala, Punjab, involving a retired Border Security Force (BSF) jawan who devised a sinister plot to eliminate his daughter and son-in-law. However, this nefarious scheme took an unexpected turn when the hired criminals tragically ended up killing the parents instead. The discovery of the lifeless bodies within the family’s residence has sent shockwaves throughout the community.

The grisly event occurred on August 10, when the couple’s bodies were found in their home. The revelation came on Wednesday after the police successfully apprehended two of the assailants, while one remains at large. The three accused individuals have been identified as Sarwan Singh, a resident of Mand village, Balraj Singh from village Dakoha, and Gurvinder Singh, also known as Ginda, from Madiala sub police station Ghuman.

Sarwan Singh and Balraj Singh are currently in custody, but Gurvinder Singh alias Ginda is still evading capture. Batala’s SSP Ashwani Gotiyal informed that they have recovered a stolen revolver and 30 cartridges, as well as an iron plate. It is believed that the same stolen revolver was used in the murder.

According to SSP Batala, Lashkar Singh, a former BSF jawan, has a son residing in Dubai and a daughter who entered into a love marriage against her father’s wishes. Dissatisfied with his daughter’s choice of partner, Lashkar Singh took a chilling approach by offering a substantial sum of Rs 2,70,000 to the trio of suspects to carry out the elimination of his daughter and her husband.

Shockingly, the hired assailants deviated from the plan and spared the lives of the intended targets. This deviation led to a confrontation, wherein Lashkar Singh demanded the return of his payment. Unfortunately, this dispute escalated, resulting in the fatal killings of Lashkar Singh and his wife, Amrik Kaur..


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