“Narikuravar Woman Arrested for Attempted Murder of Street Vendor”

By | August 17, 2023



A 22-year-old woman from the Narikuravar tribal community in Tamil Nadu, who gained fame after the Chief Minister visited her house, has been arrested for attempting to murder a fellow street vendor. The woman, identified as Ashwini, allegedly assaulted Nadhiya with a knife during a scuffle. Nadhiya sustained cuts on her neck and received stitches. Ashwini had previously spoken about the discrimination her community faces, but she is now facing charges for misusing her alleged influence in government circles. The Indian Express reported

A 22-year-old woman belonging to the Narikuravar tribal community in Tamil Nadu gained attention after Chief Minister M K Stalin visited her home following her claims of discrimination and being denied free food at a temple. However, she has now been arrested for allegedly attempting to murder another street vendor.

The woman, named Ashwini, sells trinkets on the streets of Mamallapuram. She had ongoing issues with Nadhiya, another vendor in the same business. On Tuesday night, they got into a fight and Ashwini reportedly attacked Nadhiya with a knife, injuring her neck. Nadhiya managed to escape and seek medical help, receiving around 15 stitches.

The police arrested Ashwini and she is now in judicial custody. In October 2021, Ashwini spoke about the discrimination faced by her community in public places on a YouTube channel. Her video accusing temple authorities of denying them food went viral on social media.

Following her claims, officials from the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department visited the temple in Mamallapuram and had a meal with Ashwini. Chief Minister Stalin also visited her house and had food with her family during an event to distribute house deeds to the Narikuravar and Irular tribal communities.

Since then, there have been complaints that Ashwini has been threatening her fellow vendors, using her alleged influence in government circles to intimidate them and harm their businesses.


The Mamallapuram Vanigar Sangam, a traders’ union, filed a police complaint against Ashwini last year for making threats. Several vendors spoke to local Tamil news channels, urging the government to take action against Ashwini for misusing the names of government officials for personal gain..

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