“Live Murder on Instagram: Funeral Held for Victim Nizama Hecimovic”

By | August 17, 2023



Thousands of people attended the funeral of Nizama Hecimovic, who was murdered by her ex-husband in Bosnia. The killing was livestreamed on Instagram, with the perpetrator announcing the murder to his followers before shooting Hecimovic in the head. The incident has sparked outrage and protests across the country, with calls for stronger action against femicide. Hecimovic had previously reported domestic violence to the authorities but was not given a restraining order. The perpetrator, who had a criminal record, also killed two other people before taking his own life. Gergana Krasteva reported

Nizama Hecimovic, a woman from Bosnia, was tragically murdered by her ex-husband, Nermin Sulejmanovic, during a livestream on Instagram. Sulejmanovic announced to his followers that they would witness a live murder before shooting Hecimovic in the forehead. Shockingly, around 12,000 people watched the horrifying execution. The livestream showed Hecimovic’s bloodied and disfigured face, a result of the abuse she had suffered at the hands of her ex-husband. Just weeks before her death, Hecimovic had posted a touching photo of her young daughter’s foot, expressing that her child gave her hope for the future. Fortunately, the toddler survived the shooting unharmed, but her mother died instantly. Following the murder, Sulejmanovic went on a shooting spree, killing two other people before taking his own life. Hecimovic’s funeral was attended by thousands of mourners showing their support for her family and friends. The incident has sparked outrage and protests across Bosnia, with demonstrators calling for stricter action against femicide. It has since been revealed that Hecimovic had reported domestic violence to the authorities and had sought a restraining order against Sulejmanovic, but her requests were not granted. Sulejmanovic, a bodybuilder and fitness instructor with a criminal history, livestreamed the murder and received supportive comments from viewers. The United Nations has condemned the incident and emphasized the need for preventive measures against gender-based violence..

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