“Father-of-Two Trapped in Home Explosion Made Heartbreaking Final Call to Wife”

By | August 17, 2023



A father-of-two who died in a home explosion in Plum, Pennsylvania, made a final phone call to his wife as he lay trapped beneath the rubble. Casey Clontz, 38, and his son Keegan Clontz, 12, were among the six people killed in the explosion. The blast destroyed their home and two others nearby. Casey managed to call his wife for help, but by the time search teams reached him, he and his son had already passed away. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. NewsBreak reported

A heartbreaking final phone call was made by a father-of-two who tragically died in a devastating home explosion in Plum, Pennsylvania. Casey Clontz, 38, and his son Keegan Clontz, 12, were among the six victims of the incident that occurred in the Rustic Ridge Estates neighborhood on Saturday morning. The explosion, which occurred around 10.30am on Rustic Ridge Drive, resulted in the complete destruction of the home and two neighboring houses. Despite being trapped beneath the rubble, Casey managed to contact his wife and inform her about the dire situation. Unfortunately, by the time search teams reached him, both Casey and his son had already succumbed to their injuries.

Jen Clontz, Casey’s wife, and Nick Davis, his best friend, paid tribute to the father and son, who lived just a few houses away from the site of the explosion. Describing Casey and Keegan as inseparable, the family mentioned their love for spending time outdoors, particularly at the lake with their loved ones. The family expressed their gratitude for the support from friends, family, and the community, highlighting how deeply Casey and Keegan will be missed.

Keegan, who would have turned 13 in January, was remembered as a loving brother to his younger sister Addie. He enjoyed activities such as fishing and outdoor pursuits with his father and was known for his kindness and bravery. Casey, on the other hand, was described as a devoted husband and father who had been married to his childhood sweetheart for 14 years. He worked for Peoples Gas, the same company that was checking for gas leaks in the area after the explosion.

The tragic details of Casey’s final moments emerged as the death toll rose to six, with homeowner Paul Oravitz, 56, passing away from his injuries. Oravitz had managed to escape the building along with his wife Heather, who served as Plum’s community development director. However, Casey, Keegan, Kevin Sebunia, a local resident, and Michael Thomas, Plum Borough Manager, were all trapped in the basement and did not survive.

Although the cause of the explosion is still under investigation, it has been confirmed that the Oravitzs were experiencing issues with their hot water tank. The housing development is situated on abandoned mine land, surrounded by shallow oil and gas wells, some of which have been abandoned. While two gas-producing wells are located within close proximity to the exploded home and a pipeline runs behind the development, no structures have been identified as being involved in the blast. Peoples Gas has conducted thorough checks and confirmed that their system was functioning properly.

Following system testing with the Fire Marshal’s office and the state Public Utility Commission, Peoples Gas will begin restoring gas service. Technicians from the company will conduct safety checks and relight customers’ appliances. Electrical service has already been restored to all homes, except the three that were destroyed, while gas service has been restored to all homes except the affected loop and two spur roads.

Note: The Associated Press contributed to this report..