“Crime Spree Suspect Refers to Victims as ‘White Devils’ in Police Interrogation”

By | August 17, 2023



A 21-year-old man charged in a crime spree that resulted in three deaths in Southern California referred to some victims as “white devils” during his police interrogation. Malik Donyae Patt is facing multiple charges, including murder and robbery. Surveillance video and the testimony of a detective revealed Patt’s involvement in the crimes. He denied knowing anything about the incidents initially but later made incriminating statements. Patt expressed racial motivation, stating, “The white man is the devil.” The crime spree began with the killing of a homeless man and escalated into a series of robberies and shootings at convenience stores. shooting-spree-police” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>City News Service reported

In Los Angeles, California, a 21-year-old man named Malik Donyae Patt is facing charges in a series of convenience store and fast food robberies that resulted in the deaths of three individuals. During his police interrogation, evidence presented at the defendant’s preliminary hearing revealed that Patt referred to some of the victims as “white devils.” The charges against Patt include three counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder, three counts of robbery, and a count of armed carjacking. Additionally, he is facing special circumstance allegations of multiple murders and murder in the commission of a robbery, along with sentencing enhancements for the personal use or discharge of a handgun.

Former Santa Ana police detective, Gus Moroyoqui, testified about his interview with Patt regarding the shootings and robberies that occurred on July 11. Initially, Patt denied any knowledge of the crimes when shown crime scene photos. However, he became visibly shaken when Moroyoqui mentioned showing the photos to a family member of the suspect. Patt expressed concern about the potential death penalty and insisted that his co-defendant, Jason Lamont Payne, was not involved. He also requested to be housed alone in a jail cell.

Patt admitted to robbing a Yum Yum Donuts shop in Santa Ana but claimed that he did not harm the clerk because the clerk appeared to be of Indian descent, stating, “That’s my people.” When questioned about his motive for shooting one of the victims, he mentioned that the victim was white. He also made vague statements about shooting a victim at a 7-Eleven store in Brea, suggesting that he was provoked but could not recall the details.

During the interrogation, Patt denied that he was the suspect seen in surveillance video photos. He referred to the suspect as someone named Malik Patt but denied any connection to the crimes. The crime spree allegedly began on July 9, 2022, with the killing of a homeless man near a 7-Eleven store in North Hills. The 7-Eleven robberies occurred on July 11 in Ontario, Upland, Riverside, and Santa Ana, resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities.

Authorities have linked Patt to all the robberies based on surveillance images. The cases related to the robberies in Ontario and Upland will be prosecuted in San Bernardino County. This information was reported by Paul Anderson of City News Service..


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