“Motorcyclist Nevan Matthew Hopkins Dies in Police Pursuit Crash”

By | August 16, 2023



A motorcyclist died in a crash in Oconee County after a police pursuit. The motorcyclist was speeding excessively and attempted to evade two traffic stops. The pursuit was called off, but the motorcyclist later crashed and was pronounced dead at the scene. audacy reported

A fatal accident occurred in Oconee County when a motorcyclist lost his life during a police pursuit. The incident took place at approximately 12:30 am on East Main Street in Westminster.

The crash followed two attempted traffic stops. The motorcyclist, who was reportedly traveling at an excessive speed, caught the attention of a State Trooper on Sandifer Boulevard, prompting an attempt to pull him over.

The rider, identified as Nevan Matthew Hopkins, aged 20, chose to flee from the authorities. Another attempt to stop him was made by an Oconee County Deputy, but both pursuits were eventually called off.

Later on, the Deputy came across the crash site and sadly discovered that Hopkins had passed away. The incident was pronounced at the scene around 1 am.

[Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images].


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