Good Samaritan Killed While Helping Crash Victims

A 25-year-old man, Donald Collins, was killed while trying to help victims of a crash in Dallas. Collins, a former Marine and father, was struck by a Chevrolet Tahoe while assisting a minivan involved in the initial collision. The driver of the Tahoe, Irma Nelly Martinez-Leal, was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault with a vehicle. Collins’ family spoke at a news conference, expressing forgiveness towards Martinez-Leal. The driver of the tow truck involved in the initial crash is still at large. Collins’ wife emphasized the importance of helping others and continuing her husband’s mission. Sydney Persing reported

“I am absolutely certain that he is in heaven,” stated Elizabeth Collins, expressing her belief in the afterlife for her late husband. The tragic incident occurred on the morning of Saturday, August 12, when a 25-year-old man, identified as Donald Collins, was killed while selflessly aiding victims of another collision. The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office reported that a red tow truck collided with a Chrysler Town & Country minivan on Interstate 30, causing the minivan to spin and face oncoming traffic. The tow truck swiftly fled the scene, leaving Donald Collins to render assistance.

As Donald Collins stood beside the wrecked minivan, a 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe crashed into both the van and him. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital but tragically succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile, the passenger of the minivan sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was also taken to the hospital for treatment.

During a press conference held with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, Elizabeth Collins, Donald’s wife, shared poignant details about her late husband. She revealed that Donald, a former Marine, was only 25 years old and a loving father to their 2-year-old daughter, Nola. Elizabeth expressed her sadness at losing her best friend but emphasized that their mission in this world, which is to save souls, will not be deterred by his absence.

Elizabeth acknowledged that Donald’s heroic actions ultimately cost him his life, but she firmly believed that he saved two lives in the process. She confidently stated that she had no doubt he had ascended to heaven. Elizabeth also spoke of her forgiveness towards Irma Nelly Martinez-Leal, the 33-year-old driver of the Tahoe who was arrested by Dallas County sheriff’s deputies and charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault with a vehicle. Elizabeth’s focus remained on honoring Donald’s memory rather than seeking retribution.

While the driver of the tow truck involved in the initial collision remains at large, Elizabeth clarified that apprehending them was not her top priority. She expressed her indifference towards finding the driver, emphasizing that the most important thing now is to highlight Donald’s compassionate and helpful nature. Donald’s father and grandmother also spoke passionately about his selfless character and the joy he brought to their lives.

Before concluding the press conference, Elizabeth urged others to follow in her husband’s footsteps and lend a helping hand to those in need. She encouraged people not to be afraid of doing God’s work and shared her commitment to continuing her husband’s legacy of assisting others. Additionally, a fundraiser has been organized to support the Collins family with funeral expenses and child care costs, demonstrating the community’s desire to reciprocate their kindness.

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