“Florida Woman Accused of Murder: Nichole Maks Arrested in Connection to Michael Cerasoli’s Death”

By | August 16, 2023



A woman in Florida has been accused of using soda to cover up evidence in a murder case. Nichole Maks was arrested in connection to the death of her roommate, Michael Cerasoli, who authorities say died from blunt force trauma and stab wounds. Maks was found with a knife and hammer with blood stains on her leg, and she repeatedly changed her story when questioned about her whereabouts during the murder. E! Online reported

An individual from Florida has been accused of attempting to conceal her role in a murder by using a soft drink. The Daytona Beach Police Department apprehended a 35-year-old woman named Nichole Maks on July 1 in connection with the death of her 79-year-old roommate, Michael Cerasoli. Authorities determined that Cerasoli suffered fatal injuries from blunt force trauma to the back of his head and multiple stab wounds to his torso, as stated in a police affidavit obtained by E! News.
According to the affidavit dated August 4, the Daytona Beach Fire Department received a report of a fire at a residence, where Cerasoli’s lifeless body was discovered by firefighters and paramedics. Maks, identified as Cerasoli’s roommate by the landlord, was not present at the residence at the time.
Subsequently, the police located Maks, who was found holding a knife and hammer with visible bloodstains on her leg. During the interrogation, Maks repeatedly altered her account of her whereabouts at the time of Cerasoli’s murder, as stated in the affidavit. The authorities informed Maks that they possessed a search warrant to collect DNA samples from her..

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