“Buddy Jantoc Identified as Deceased Maui Fire Victim”

By | August 16, 2023



Buddy Jantoc, a former bass guitar player, has been identified as one of the victims in the devastating Maui fire. The authorities have released only two names so far, and three others have been identified privately. The search for victims is challenging due to the extent of burns, and DNA tests are being conducted for identification. President Joe Biden has chosen not to visit the area to ensure resources are focused on the ongoing rescue efforts. The death toll is expected to rise, and it will cost $5.5 billion to rebuild the damaged infrastructure. The Feed reported

Buddy Jantoc, a 79-year-old musician who once played bass guitar alongside renowned artists like Carlos Santana and George Benson, has tragically been identified as one of the 106 victims of the devastating fire in Maui. The authorities have recently disclosed the names of two victims, Buddy Jantoc and Robert Dykman, while withholding the identities of three others until their families can be notified. The search for victims in the aftermath of the catastrophic fire has proven to be a painstaking process, with 20 specially trained sniffer dogs aiding in the arduous task of sifting through the debris, which includes twisted metals and tangled wires. Identifying the victims is further complicated by the severe burns they have sustained, necessitating DNA testing for positive identification. Relatives of the victims are being contacted and providing DNA samples for this purpose.

There has been some dissatisfaction expressed by the general public and the victims’ families due to the absence of President Joe Biden’s visit to the affected area. However, President Biden has justified his decision by stating that he does not want to divert attention and resources from the ongoing humanitarian efforts. Governor Jush Green has warned that the death toll may rise significantly over the next ten days, underscoring the gravity of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the Maui Emergency Management Agency has estimated that it will cost a staggering $5.5 billion to rebuild the infrastructure and properties destroyed by the fire. While the Federal Emergency Management Agency is providing $500 in monetary aid to the victims, many deem this amount insufficient and inconsequential. However, various non-governmental organizations and other groups have stepped forward to offer assistance in the form of essential supplies such as water, ice, food, clothing, and tents.

In terms of the identified victims, the authorities have only released the names of two individuals thus far, despite confirming 106 deaths. The process of identification is slow due to the extensive burns suffered by the victims and the subsequent need for DNA testing.

As for President Joe Biden’s absence from the fire-stricken Maui area, he has cited his desire to prevent diversion of attention and resources as the reason for his decision.


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