“Body of Missing California Man Found After Two Weeks of Search Efforts”

By | August 16, 2023



A vineyard worker in California discovered the body of Michael Orr, who had been missing for over two weeks after his car ran out of gas. Orr’s family had gone to help him after he called for assistance, but they were unable to locate him. Orr’s body was eventually found by a vineyard worker near railroad tracks and a vineyard. Family and friends remember Orr as a passionate and loving individual who dedicated his life to helping others. A GoFundMe has been set up to support his family. Daniella Segura reported

A man’s lifeless body was discovered by a vineyard worker in California, more than two weeks after he called his family to inform them that his car had run out of fuel. According to the Oakley Police Department’s Facebook post on August 3rd, Michael Orr, a 56-year-old vineyard worker, had reached out to his family for assistance on the early morning of July 28th. Due to Orr’s history of seizures and his daily medication requirement, his family became concerned when they were unable to locate him and subsequently reported him missing. The police investigation revealed that Orr’s phone had been left in his car, leaving him with no means of contacting anyone. Despite the efforts of detectives and his family, Orr remained unlocated for seventeen days. Finally, a vineyard worker stumbled upon Orr’s lifeless body near a vineyard and railroad tracks, adjacent to a fence. Orr’s daughter expressed her grief on Facebook, describing her father as a remarkable individual with a strong affection for his family and a passion for discovering new places. A GoFundMe page was set up to support the family and portrayed Orr as a man who positively impacted the lives of those around him. The page also highlighted Orr’s dedication to caring for his mother, his love for long drives, and his talent for singing and drawing. Oakley, the location of this tragic event, is situated approximately 60 miles southwest of Sacramento..

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