“The Blind Side: Michael Oher’s Shocking Truth Exposes Lies and Deception”

By | August 14, 2023



Allegations have emerged suggesting that the story behind the movie “The Blind Side” is based on more lies than truth. Former NFL player Michael Oher, whose life the movie is based on, has filed a petition claiming that he was never adopted and never received any money from the film. Oher alleges that his “adoption” by the Tuohy family was a fraud and that they have profited from his story without his consent. He is seeking to end the conservatorship that the family has over his affairs. Pro Football Network reported

The surprising truth behind the film “The Blind Side” has recently come to light. It seems that the heartwarming story depicted in the 2009 movie, starring Sandra Bullock, about the life of NFL player Michael Oher, is based on more falsehoods than reality.

For those who may not remember, “The Blind Side” tells the story of Oher, a talented offensive lineman, who is taken in by the Tuohy family after being found walking in the rain. The movie portrays Oher’s background as that of a young boy growing up in a troubled neighborhood with a mother struggling with addiction.

However, Oher has been speaking out about the inaccuracies in his portrayal since the movie’s release. He disputes the depiction of himself as a quiet, slow learner who only discovered his football talent after being taken in by the Tuohy family. Oher claims that he had already shown skills in multiple sports and had received leadership training before meeting the Tuohys.

Furthermore, Oher alleges that his “adoption” by the Tuohys was a fraud. He states that he signed a conservatorship agreement, which he believed to be similar to adoption, but has recently discovered that it was not the same. Oher is currently under this conservatorship and is seeking to end it. He also wants the family to stop using his name and likeness and to share the profits they have made from his story.

Additionally, Oher claims to have unknowingly signed away the rights to his life story in a contract from 2007. The Tuohys have allegedly made millions from the story and movie, while Oher has not received any compensation.


Overall, the truth behind “The Blind Side” is far from the inspiring tale it was portrayed to be. Oher’s life and career have been affected by the misrepresentation in the film, and he is now taking legal action to rectify the situation..