“Sanity Commission Motion Filed for Alexandria Man Accused in Marcus Atkins Jr.’s Shooting Death”

By | August 14, 2023



The attorney representing George Thomas Carter, who is accused of shooting and killing a man in June, plans to file a motion for a sanity commission. Carter was arrested on charges of second-degree murder after a shooting incident in Alexandria. The victim, Marcus Dawayne Atkins Jr., died from multiple gunshot wounds. Carter’s arraignment was postponed, and his bail reduction and preliminary examination motions were continued. The District Attorney’s Office did not object to the request for a continuance. Melissa Gregory reported

The legal representative for a man charged with the fatal shooting of an Alexandria resident in June intends to file a motion for a sanity evaluation later this week. Christopher LaCour, the attorney, announced this during what was supposed to be George Thomas Carter’s arraignment for a manslaughter charge. Carter was apprehended by the Alexandria Police Department on June 13, following a report of a shooting incident at a residence on Richmond Drive. The victim, identified as Marcus Dawayne Atkins Jr., succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds at a local hospital. During the arraignment, which coincided with Carter’s 20th birthday, no plea was entered, and motions for a bail reduction and preliminary examination were postponed. The Rapides Parish District Attorney’s Office, represented by Assistant District Attorney Brian Cespiva, did not contest LaCour’s request for a delay..