“Orlando Man Survives Plane Crash off Florida Keys – Rescuer Deputy Trevor Pike Saves Adam Joseph Barney”

By | August 14, 2023



An Orlando man survived a plane crash off the Florida Keys and posed for a selfie with his rescuer. The pilot, Adam Joseph Barney, experienced engine issues and attempted a water landing. Deputy Trevor Pike of the sheriff’s marine patrol water unit rescued Barney, who had non-life-threatening injuries. The aircraft sank, and aviation authorities will investigate the crash. Kinsey Crowley reported

In an incident off the coast of the Florida Keys, an individual from Orlando miraculously survived a plane crash that occurred three miles away. Following his rescue, the survivor expressed his gratitude by posing for a selfie with his rescuer. The Key West International Airport promptly alerted local emergency departments about the aircraft’s predicament, informing them that it would soon be submerged in the nearby waters. Adam Lindhardt, a spokesperson for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed these details. According to reports from the Miami Herald, the pilot had radioed air traffic control to report engine issues and his intention to make an emergency landing in the water. Promptly responding to the distress call, Deputy Trevor Pike of the sheriff’s marine patrol water unit reached the crash site in the Gulf of Mexico and successfully rescued the pilot, identified as 40-year-old Adam Joseph Barney from Orlando, Florida. Fortunately, Barney sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was promptly transferred to paramedics awaiting him at a nearby resort. Unfortunately, the Aero Commander 500 aircraft flown by Barney sank. Notably, Barney had acquired a private pilot license in 2019, as reported by the FAA. Authorities responsible for aviation will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash..