“Massachusetts Man Arrested for Assault and Attempted Sexual Assault in Boston’s South End”

By | August 14, 2023



A Massachusetts man, Amos Sykes, is facing charges of indecent assault and battery and assault and battery resulting in injuries after allegedly attacking a woman in Boston’s South End. Witnesses reported hearing the woman scream and saw Sykes punching her. Sykes fled the scene but was apprehended. The victim stated that Sykes grabbed her from behind, forced her to the ground, and attempted to undress her before a witness intervened. The incident has raised concerns about safety in the neighborhood. Sykes is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, and the investigation is ongoing. WCVB reported

A man from Massachusetts is expected to appear in court following allegations of assaulting a woman in the South End of Boston and attempting to remove her clothing. Amos Sykes, aged 35 and residing in Quincy, was arrested on Saturday night on charges of indecent assault and battery on an individual aged 14 or older, as well as assault and battery causing injuries. The Boston Police Department revealed these charges on Sunday. Police officers promptly responded to a report of an ongoing assault and battery, which potentially involved sexual assault, at around 9:40 p.m. on Saturday. Witnesses in the vicinity informed the police that they heard screams and witnessed Sykes, later identified as the perpetrator, repeatedly striking the woman in the head while sitting on top of her. Upon arrival at the scene, the officers observed one of the witnesses engaging in a physical altercation with Sykes in an attempt to defend the victim. Although Sykes attempted to flee on foot, he was promptly apprehended. The woman who was attacked informed the police that she was walking on Columbus Avenue when Sykes grabbed her from behind, forced her to the ground, and proceeded to strike her head. She further revealed that Sykes attempted to remove her clothing before a witness intervened and fought him off. The woman was subsequently transported to a local hospital by Boston Emergency Medical Services, as her injuries were deemed non-life-threatening. This incident has raised concerns among South End residents regarding safety. Vali Tamm, a local resident, emphasized that the neighborhood’s pleasant appearance does not guarantee safety, asserting that every neighborhood should be safe, regardless of property values. Tamm stressed that mothers should not have to worry about their children’s safety, irrespective of the street they reside on. Sykes is scheduled to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court as early as Monday. The Boston Police Department’s Sexual Assault Unit, along with other investigators, continue to investigate the incident. Anyone with information is urged to contact either 617-343-5619 or 617-343-4400. Alternatively, anonymous tips can be submitted by calling the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-494-8477 or by texting the word “TIP” to 27463..