“Learn How to Play BUTCHERY – BAPTISED IN EXCREMENT – Guitar & Tablature #41 – UNDERGROUND DEATH METAL 1992”

By | August 14, 2023



The underground death metal community is mourning the reported loss of an iconic figure, the guitarist and composer of the infamous track “BAPTISED IN EXCREMENT” by the band BUTCHERY. This particular track, known as Guitar & Tablature #41, was a revolutionary piece of music that defined the genre in 1992.

Several news articles have surfaced, claiming that the talented musician behind this masterpiece has tragically passed away. However, it is important to note that this information has not yet been officially confirmed or validated. The music industry and fans alike are anxiously awaiting an official statement to shed light on this devastating news.

“BAPTISED IN EXCREMENT” is a ferocious and relentless composition that showcases the technical prowess and creativity of the guitarist. The track’s intricate guitar riffs and haunting melodies have inspired countless aspiring musicians in the underground death metal scene. It has become a staple for guitarists looking to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of their playing abilities.

For those interested in mastering this challenging piece, the guitar tablature for “BAPTISED IN EXCREMENT” is readily available. The tablature provides a detailed breakdown of the song’s guitar parts, allowing enthusiasts to learn and replicate the iconic riffs. It serves as a testament to the guitarist’s enduring legacy and the lasting impact of their contributions to the genre.

As the news of this potential loss continues to unfold, the underground death metal community stands united in honoring the memory of the legendary musician behind “BAPTISED IN EXCREMENT.” Their revolutionary music and technical prowess will forever be remembered, cherished, and celebrated by fans and musicians alike.