“Driver Shot and Killed After Hitting Child in Timberlake, NC; Victim’s Parents Arrested”

By | August 14, 2023



A driver in Timberlake, North Carolina, was fatally shot after hitting a child who was walking on the road with his parents. The incident occurred when the family’s car broke down, and the child died at the scene. The driver called 911, but the child’s father allegedly shot him. The father and mother then fled the scene, leaving their deceased child behind. The father was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder and larceny of a motor vehicle. The mother has not been charged. Numerous witnesses called 911 to report the family walking on the road prior to the accident. shooting-man-who-hit-and-killed-his-son/20999750/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Monica Casey,Vinnie Boccanfuso,Jessica Patrick reported

In Timberlake, North Carolina, a tragic incident occurred where a driver was fatally shot after accidentally hitting a child who was walking on the road with his parents due to a car breakdown. The Person County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the details of the incident.

According to the sheriff, the family was on their way home when their son was tragically struck by another vehicle. Regrettably, the child lost his life at the scene of the accident. The driver responsible for the collision, identified as Jeffrey McKay, immediately stopped and contacted emergency services for assistance. However, the situation took a shocking turn when the father of the deceased child allegedly pulled out a firearm and shot McKay. The wounded driver was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

The sheriff further revealed that the parents, instead of staying at the scene to deal with the heartbreaking loss of their child, made the decision to flee in McKay’s truck. This left their deceased child unattended. The authorities were able to locate the truck at the family’s residence and subsequently apprehended the father, identified as Chad Woods. Woods has been charged with second-degree murder and motor vehicle theft. The mother, however, has not faced any charges as declared by the sheriff’s office.

Prior to the collision, numerous concerned individuals had dialed emergency services to report a family walking on the roadway, highlighting a potential hazard.

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