“35-year-old Prisoner Commits Suicide in Jaipur Central Jail”

By | August 14, 2023



A 35-year-old prisoner died by suicide in Jaipur Central Jail. The man had escaped from Sanganer Open Jail in June but was later caught and transferred. He was serving a life sentence for murdering a person belonging to a Scheduled Caste. The police are conducting further investigation into the incident. HT Correspondent reported

A 35-year-old inmate, who was serving a lifelong prison sentence at Jaipur Central Jail, tragically took his own life on Sunday, as confirmed by the police. The deceased, identified as Ashish Parashar, had been arrested on May 19, 2015, for the murder of an individual belonging to a Scheduled Caste (SC). He was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and relevant sections of the SC/ST Act on March 15, 2019.

Initially incarcerated at Ghat Gate Central Jail, Parashar was later transferred to Sanganer Open Jail in May due to his good behavior. However, he managed to escape from this facility in June. Law enforcement authorities apprehended him shortly after and, in accordance with a court order, transferred him to Jaipur Central Jail a few days prior to the incident.

Tragically, on Sunday evening, prison staff discovered Parashar’s lifeless body hanging from the window of a sealed bathroom near Barrack No. 9 within the jail premises. Upon receiving notification of the incident from the jail administration, the local Lal Kothi police, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Jaipur East, and the district collector promptly rushed to the scene.

DCP Gyan Chand Yadav, from the Jaipur East division, stated, “The police have sent the body to the SMS Hospital for autopsy. A forensic science laboratory (FSL) team has also been assigned to examine the body and the surroundings. Further investigation is currently underway, and a case will be filed following the judicial inquiry.”

The police have handed over the case to the district collector for further investigation.


In a compassionate note, the police reminded individuals in need of support or those aware of someone who requires assistance to reach out to the nearest mental health specialist. They also provided helpline numbers for organizations such as Aasra, Sneha India Foundation, Sanjivini, Roshni Foundation, ONE LIFE, and SEVA.

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