“Two Dead in Anderson County Wreck: Cody Austin Beard and Morgan Warrick Identified”

By | August 13, 2023



Two individuals, identified as Cody Austin Beard and Morgan Warrick, were killed in a car accident in Anderson County. The accident occurred when one vehicle attempted to pass another in a no-passing zone and collided head-on. The investigation is ongoing, and no further details are currently available. Una Stanisavljevic reported

Two individuals were declared deceased at the site of a collision that transpired on Friday afternoon in Anderson County, Texas. The deceased have been identified as Cody Austin Beard, aged 23, from Crockett, and Morgan Warrick, aged 36, from Waxahachie. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) conducted an investigation into this tragic incident. According to the findings, the first vehicle was travelling towards the east on US 287, while the second vehicle was travelling west on the same route. Regrettably, the second vehicle attempted to overtake in an area where passing was prohibited, colliding head-on with the first vehicle. As a result of the impact, both vehicles were engulfed in flames. The investigation into this distressing event is still underway, and as of now, no further details are available..

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