“Sensational Murder Rocks Silchar: Beheaded Body of 11-Year-Old Rabizul Hussain Laskar Found in Madrasa Hostel”

By | August 13, 2023



A shocking murder took place inside a madrasa in Silchar, Assam, where the beheaded body of an 11-year-old student was discovered in a hostel room. The victim, Rabizul Hussain Laskar, was found by his roommates when a teacher went to wake him up for prayers. The police have detained 20 students for questioning and sealed the madrasa for investigation. The case is being actively pursued by the authorities. Dibya Bordoloi reported

Silchar, a city in southern Assam, was shaken by a horrifying murder that occurred within a madrasa on August 13. The lifeless body of a young student, Rabizul Hussain Laskar, aged 11, was discovered beheaded in the hostel of Darus Salam Hafizia Alia madrasa, located in the Dhalai area of the Cachar district. The tragic finding was made by Rabizul’s fellow hostel mates in the morning, around 3:30 am.

The victim’s body was found inside a hostel room of the Dhalai Hawaithang Darus Salam Hafizia Madrassa. It was the teacher who went to wake Rabizul up for Fajr prayers who stumbled upon the gruesome scene. The authorities of the madrasa promptly notified the police, who swiftly arrived at the scene and recovered the body. According to the madrasa authority, Rabizul had gone to his room after having dinner with his roommates on the evening of August 12 and went to sleep.

However, when the teacher went to wake up the students for Fajr namaz, he was confronted with the sight of Rabizul’s beheaded body lying on the floor. The shocking murder deeply disturbed the district, as it was perplexing how a 12-year-old student could be brutally killed within his hostel room without the knowledge of his roommates and the madrasa authority. The Superintendent of Police (SP) of Cachar, Numal Mahatta, arrived at the crime scene immediately. Additionally, the forensic team gathered evidence from the scene, while 20 hostel students were detained by the police for questioning.

SP Mahatta disclosed that the deceased student had enrolled in the madrasa just three months prior. As a precautionary measure, the madrasa has been sealed by the administration. The hostel accommodated around 25 students, including Rabizul’s elder brother. The teachers and management staff were also detained by the police for further investigation, as per SP Mahatta.

The body was recovered in the presence of a magistrate and subsequently sent to Silchar Medical College Hospital (SMCH) for post mortem examination. The madrasa, established by a local Maulana in 2013, currently educates 25 underage students. Police sources revealed that six other hostel mates were present in the same room when the heinous crime occurred. SP Mahatta expressed confidence that the police would soon solve the case, as they are diligently investigating from all angles..


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