“Michigan Cops Apologize for Handcuffing 12-Year-Old Boy in Viral Video”

By | August 13, 2023



Michigan police officers have issued a public apology after mistakenly handcuffing a 12-year-old boy in a viral video. The incident occurred when the boy, Tashawn Bernard, was taking out the trash and was confronted by Lansing police officers who believed he fit the description of a car thief. The boy’s family and local activists have expressed outrage, and the police department acknowledged the misunderstanding. The family is considering legal action, and the police chief stated that the officers were respectful and professional during the arrest. New York Post reported

Michigan police officers were left red-faced and had to issue a public apology after erroneously handcuffing a 12-year-old boy. The incident gained widespread attention when a video of the botched arrest went viral online. The young boy, identified as Tashawn Bernard, was simply taking out the trash near his home when he was confronted by Lansing police officers, who now refer to the incident as “an unfortunate misunderstanding.” The officers claimed that the boy matched the description of a car thief they were searching for.

Footage captured by Fox affiliate WSYM-TV News depicted one officer leading the handcuffed boy towards a police vehicle, while his father, Michael Bernard, argued with other officers in the background. Local activist Tashmica Torok expressed her dismay, stating that witnesses at the scene confirmed the boy’s innocence, yet the officers still chose to detain him. The boy’s family further alleged that the officer approached the bewildered child with his gun drawn and in front of him.

The boy’s father, who had asked him to take out the trash while he was occupied with household chores, became concerned when his son did not return promptly. He rushed outside only to find his son in handcuffs and immediately questioned the officers. Eventually, the police realized their mistake and released the young boy.

In a Facebook post, the department acknowledged the incident, expressing regret for the misunderstanding and emphasizing their commitment to community relations. Lansing Police Chief Ellery Sosebee stated that his officers had mistaken the boy for a suspect involved in a series of local Kia vehicle thefts. Despite the blunder, he maintained that the officers had conducted themselves respectfully and professionally during the arrest.

The boy’s family has sought legal representation, with their attorney Rico Neal highlighting the discrepancy between the suspect’s description provided by the police and Tashawn’s actual appearance. He asserted that the traumatic experience calls for a change in police behavior.


The incident has garnered significant attention, prompting the Michigan police to publicly apologize and reflect on their actions. The family’s lawyer is currently exploring potential legal avenues..

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