“Maggie Sajak’s Fans Urging Her to Host Wheel of Fortune”

Maggie Sajak’s fans are eager to see her host Wheel of Fortune alongside her father, Pat Sajak. In a recent Instagram post, Maggie channeled her inner Barbie by posing in a pink dress and matching boots. Fans flooded the comments expressing their desire to see her continue her father’s legacy on the game show. Pat Sajak’s co-host Vanna White is set to miss a few episodes due to COVID-19, and Maggie’s fans hope she will step in. Wheel of Fortune is currently in its final stages of filming and is set to air in October. Web Desk reported

Maggie Sajak emerges as the preferred choice among fans to host Wheel of Fortune
Maggie Sajak has captured the hearts of fans who eagerly desire to see her take on the role of hosting Wheel of Fortune, alongside her father, Pat Sajak.

Maggie Sajak recently delighted her followers with a social media post, wherein she exuded a Barbie-like persona, amidst their fervent anticipation of witnessing her co-host the popular television show, Wheel of Fortune, alongside her father. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the stunning blonde shared a snapshot of herself dressed in a short pink dress, perfectly complemented by matching boots, as she posed confidently on a white sofa.

In the caption, she playfully expressed, “Mentally, I am (still) here,” with the location attributed to The Eras tour, suggesting her presence at Taylor Swift’s ongoing concert tour. The comments section was inundated with fans expressing their desires to see Maggie follow in her father’s footsteps and continue his illustrious legacy on the game show. One user even suggested, “Maggie, have you ever considered permanently flipping letters? You would excel at it!” Another comment urged Maggie to refrain from assuming Vanna White’s position without mutual agreement, stating, “Commenters should cease such posts.”

The recent surge in demands comes in light of reports stating that Pat Sajak’s co-host, Vanna White, will be absent from several episodes this fall due to her contraction of COVID-19 in late July. Wheel of Fortune is currently in its final stages of production and is scheduled to air in October. Puck News additionally disclosed that Bridgette Donalds-Blue, a distinguished recipient of the Teacher of the Year award, will temporarily stand in for Vanna White.