“Drunken Driver Kills Two in Ferrari Crash, Victims Identified as Ismenia Urena and Odalis Urena”

By | August 13, 2023



An alleged drunk driver with almost three times the legal amount of alcohol in his system crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into a Ferrari, killing its two occupants. Sotirios Spanos, the 32-year-old driver, has been charged with manslaughter, assault, and other offenses. The victims, identified as Ismenia Urena and Odalis Urena, both 37, were in the Ferrari. Spanos had a blood alcohol content of 0.226%, well above the legal limit. This incident adds to a growing number of deaths caused by drunk or impaired driving on Long Island. Matthew Chayes reported

A suspected intoxicated driver had a blood alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit when he veered into oncoming traffic and crashed into a Ferrari, resulting in the deaths of the two individuals inside, law enforcement officials revealed. Sotirios Spanos, a 32-year-old resident of Syosset, has been remanded in custody without the possibility of bail on charges that include manslaughter, assault, driving under the influence, and reckless driving, according to spokesperson Brendan Brosh from the district attorney’s office. The victims, Ismenia Urena and Odalis Urena, both 37 years old, were identified as the occupants of the Ferrari. The Nassau police disclosed this information.

The document states that a breathalyzer test administered to the accused indicated a blood alcohol content of 0.226%. It is worth noting that the legal limit for driving in New York State is 0.08%. The document further describes Spanos exhibiting signs of alcohol impairment at the scene, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, a strong smell of alcohol, unsteadiness, and difficulty answering questions.

The collision occurred around 12:30 a.m. on Friday near Moores Hill Road in Laurel Hollow. Spanos, driving a 2023 Acura MDX, was traveling eastbound on Northern Boulevard when he crossed over into the opposite lane and collided with the Ferrari, the document explains.

Steve Epstein, the attorney representing Spanos, emphasized that his client is married, has a clean record, and is employed at a law firm. Epstein stated, “It was a tragic accident resulting in two fatalities, and my client and his entire family deeply regret the consequences of the incident. However, not every accident entails criminal responsibility. There is much to investigate, so I implore everyone to refrain from passing judgment until all the facts are established.”

These fatalities mark at least the seventh incident on Long Island in less than a week where individuals were killed due to drivers allegedly operating vehicles under the influence. Within the same timeframe, nearly a dozen people have lost their lives as a result of being hit by cars or SUVs while either in a motor vehicle, crossing the street, or riding a bicycle.


Matthew Chayes, a New York City correspondent, has been a reporter for Newsday since 2007..

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