“Double Murder in Delhi: Accused Arrested, Victims Killed to Establish Gangster Image”

By | August 13, 2023



The Delhi Police Crime Branch has arrested a man, Salman alias Tohid, in connection with a double murder in Northeast Delhi. According to the police, Salman and his associates wanted to establish themselves as gangsters and fired at two men to show off their weapons. The police stated that there was no motive behind the murders. The incident occurred on July 11 in the Welcome area, and the victims were identified as Pradeep and Bablu. The investigation revealed the involvement of assailants from the Chhenu gang. The Indian Express reported

A man has been arrested by the Delhi Police Crime Branch in connection with a double murder that occurred nearly a month ago in Northeast Delhi. The suspect, Salman, and his associates allegedly wanted to demonstrate their power and establish themselves as gangsters, so they randomly chose two men and shot them without any specific motive for the killings. The incident took place on July 11 in the Welcome area, where the bodies of two men, Pradeep and Bablu, were found close to each other. Initial investigations suggested that the victims knew each other and were together at the time of the murders, leading the police to initially suspect a personal dispute. However, it was later discovered that the Chhenu gang was involved in the crime. Two of the gang members, Shahbaz and Misbah, both aged 21, have been arrested and have confessed to Salman being the one who killed the victims along with other gang members. Salman was apprehended after raids were conducted based on information that he would be meeting an associate at Welcome metro station. During questioning, Salman admitted that he and his associates were intoxicated at the time of the murders and decided to kill the two locals in order to showcase their weapons and establish their reputation as gangsters. The police have determined that the accused had no personal enmity with the victims and did not know them. Furthermore, Salman had a history of targeting people on buses to steal their wallets and phones, using the stolen money to frequent clubs and share videos of himself on Instagram. He recently acquired a weapon and aspired to become a gangster..

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