Derek Carr Makes Strong Preseason Debut with Saints

By | August 13, 2023



Derek Carr, the new acquisition for the New Orleans Saints, had a successful preseason debut with his new team. He threw a touchdown pass and led the Saints to a 26-24 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Carr looked comfortable in his new offense and expressed his excitement about playing for the Saints. The Chiefs’ star QB, Patrick Mahomes, only played for a short time before their drive ended unsuccessfully. The Saints rallied late in the game, and rookie Jake Haener threw a scoring pass to bring them within one point. Despite a failed 2-point conversion attempt, the Saints managed to win the game with a last-second field goal. BRETT MARTEL reported

In his preseason debut with the New Orleans Saints, Derek Carr, the team’s top free agent acquisition, couldn’t help but be struck by the sight of himself in the black and gold uniform instead of the silver and black of the Raiders that he had worn for the past nine NFL seasons. Despite the change, Carr expressed that it felt right and he felt refreshed and rejuvenated. During the game, Carr completed six of eight passes for 70 yards, including a touchdown pass on his opening series. The Saints ultimately secured a 26-24 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in their opening exhibition game. Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes only played for a short time before their first drive ended in a failed fourth-and-1 play. Both teams had their backups in the game for most of the match, and the Saints made a late rally to secure the win. The Saints’ defensive end Kyle Phillips played a key role in setting up the winning kick by intercepting a pass. Despite the loss, Chiefs coach Andy Reid acknowledged that the Saints have a strong team. Jameis Winston replaced Carr and led the Saints to another touchdown, while Blaine Gabbert played most of the first half for the Chiefs and scored a touchdown. The Chiefs’ Shane Buechele threw for 155 yards and two touchdowns. The game also saw standout defensive plays from players on both teams. In terms of injuries, the Saints’ Kendre Miller suffered a sprained knee, while the Chiefs’ Nic Jones fractured his fingers and Anthony Witherstone had a toe injury. The Chiefs will face the Arizona Cardinals in their next game, while the Saints will take on the Los Angeles Chargers on August 20th..

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