“60-Year-Old Tenant Vitali Chuklin Found Dead in Haifa Apartment”

By | August 13, 2023



The body of Vitali Chuklin, a 60-year-old tenant, was found encased in a concrete block in an apartment in Haifa. Chuklin had been missing for about a year. The investigation into the incident is ongoing. The owner of the apartment expressed shock and disgust at the discovery. The apartment is rented to low-income tenants for a monthly fee of about NIS 750. A renovator discovered the body while demolishing the concrete block and initially mistook it for a doll. Police suspect foul play and are treating the case as a possible murder. By WALLA!, JERUSALEM POST STAFF reported

A recent discovery in Haifa revealed a body entombed in a concrete block within an apartment wall. The National Institute of Forensic Medicine has identified the body as Vitali Chuklin, a 60-year-old tenant. According to neighbors, Chuklin went missing approximately a year ago, and the investigation into his disappearance is still ongoing. The owner of the apartment, Baruch, expressed his disgust at the situation, stating that in his 50 years of renting to impoverished individuals, he has encountered corpses before, but nothing as disturbing as this.

The apartment, situated on the corner of Halutz and Yechiel streets near the Talpiot market, is only 40 meters in size. Its entrance is discreetly tucked between shops, and there is a high turnover of residents. Baruch rents out this particular apartment for around NIS 750 per month, primarily catering to homeless and financially struggling tenants. He views it as an act of kindness to provide them with a roof over their heads.

The body was discovered by Ahmed Choupata, a 59-year-old renovator from the village of Bardala. Initially, he found a frying pan and pieces of silverware within the concrete block he was demolishing but did not think much of it. However, as he continued his work and opened a buried plastic bag, he was horrified to find what appeared to be a human head. Choupata could not determine the gender of the body at first, mistaking it for a doll. He described the fear that overcame him upon the gruesome discovery.

Last week, another decomposed body was found in a Haifa apartment. Due to the advanced state of decay and the manner in which the body was wrapped, police suspect foul play and are treating it as a potential murder case. However, investigators are considering all possibilities in their examination of the situation..

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