“Tragic Motorcycle Crash Claims Life of Derwin Waldron and Injures Another”

By | August 12, 2023



An investigation has been launched into a fatal motorcycle crash on I-74 East. The crash occurred when a motorbike collided with a semi-trailer after failing to yield to traffic. The driver of the motorbike, Randy Roberts, and his passenger, Rebecca Oliver, were both ejected from the bike and sustained serious injuries. Roberts later passed away from his injuries. Oliver suffered a compound fracture and internal injuries. Both were transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Hausa New reported

The Dearborn County Sheriff’s office is currently conducting an investigation into a tragic motorcycle accident that occurred on Saturday afternoon on I-74 East. Unfortunately, one person lost their life in the incident, while another individual sustained injuries.

Law enforcement officials from the Sheriff’s department quickly arrived at the crash scene around 3:39 p.m.

In a recent occurrence, Robert Bollman, a Cincinnati resident aged 45, who was driving a semi-trailer, informed the deputies about his location. Bollman mentioned that he was positioned at the merge ramp where U.S. 52 intersects with the I-74 on-ramp. Suddenly, he noticed a motorbike, but that was the extent of his observation. As stated in the crash report, Bollman felt a jolt and checked his side mirror, only to see vehicle parts and flames.

Bollman informed the deputies that he immediately activated his vehicle camera system and quickly approached the motorcycle, which was engulfed in flames. He stated that there were two individuals present on the road.

According to the crash report, deputies have identified the individuals involved as Randy Roberts, a 59-year-old Cincinnati resident, and Rebecca Oliver, also 59, from Hebron. They were riding a black 2010 Harley Davidson motorcycle when the incident occurred on the U.S. 52 on-ramp to I-74 East.


The crash report indicates that Roberts failed to yield to traffic on I-74 East when reaching the end of the ramp, resulting in a collision with the right front rear tire/fender of the lorry.

In a recent development, deputies have reported that both Roberts and Oliver were thrown off the motorcycle after Roberts lost control.

According to the crash report, both Roberts and Oliver were found unconscious at the scene and did not respond to the emergency crews.

Deputies have stated that Oliver suffered a compound fracture to her left leg, while the extent of her internal injuries is yet to be determined.

Tragically, Roberts sustained severe burns to his lower body and legs, along with multiple visible injuries. The full extent of his internal injuries is still unknown, according to the deputies.

Both individuals were transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Centre.

According to the Hamilton County Coroner, Roberts passed away on August 10..