Steven Lear, Altoona PA Tattoo Artist, Dies: Claysburg Railroad City Mourns

By | August 12, 2023



We regret to inform you that Steven Lear, a prominent tattoo artist from Altoona, PA, and known for his exceptional artistry at Claysburg Railroad City Tattoo, has tragically passed away. While several news articles have reported on this heartbreaking news, it is important to note that the details surrounding his untimely demise are still being investigated, and the news of his obituary has yet to be officially confirmed or validated.

Steven Lear was widely revered for his incredible talent and creativity in the world of tattooing. His unique style and attention to detail made him a sought-after artist, with countless individuals seeking his expertise to create meaningful and stunning works of art on their skin. He had a true passion for his craft, always striving to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Beyond his artistic abilities, Steven was also known for his warm and friendly demeanor. He had an innate ability to make his clients feel comfortable and at ease, creating a welcoming environment within his studio. His genuine care for his clients extended far beyond the tattooing process, as he often formed lasting friendships with those who sat in his chair.

The loss of Steven Lear is a devastating blow to the tattoo community and all who had the pleasure of knowing him. His legacy as an exceptional artist, compassionate friend, and overall remarkable individual will forever be cherished. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and all those whose lives he touched during his time with us. May he rest in peace.