“NYC Police Officer Dies in Powerboat Crash; Friend Injured”

By | August 12, 2023



A New York City Police Department officer, Phillip Sanzano, died when a powerboat crashed into a Long Island home. Sanzano’s friend suffered minor injuries. The crash occurred on West Fire Island, and the cause is still under investigation. The boat may have been traveling at a high speed and went airborne. The survivor, Christopher Cannella, lost consciousness but was able to call for help. Rescuers had to wade through waist-deep water and use a golf cart to transport Cannella to a hospital. Brad Luck reported

Authorities have positively identified the individual who tragically lost his life after a 30-foot powerboat catapulted out of the water and collided with the deck of a residence in Long Island. Shockingly, the deceased has been identified as a seasoned officer from the New York City Police Department, namely 47-year-old Phillip Sanzano, who was stationed at the 83rd Precinct in Brooklyn. This devastating incident occurred on Thursday morning, resulting in Sanzano’s untimely demise, while his companion sustained minor injuries and received medical treatment at South Shore University Hospital.

According to Islip Fire Department First Assistant Chief Jared Gunst, the fatal crash transpired shortly after 7:30 a.m. The house that was struck is exclusively accessible by boat from the Great South Bay, and fortunately, no occupants were present at the time of the accident. At present, law enforcement officials have yet to ascertain which individual was operating the vessel during the incident. The Wellcraft center console boat had embarked from an undisclosed location in Babylon. While the exact cause of the crash remains undetermined, authorities are considering the speed at which the operator was navigating the channel with shallow waters as a potential contributing factor.

A visual depiction captured by Chopper 4 reveals the vessel overturned and substantial damage inflicted upon the porch of the impacted house. The survivor, identified as 47-year-old Christopher Cannella from West Babylon and registered as the boat owner, reported losing consciousness but eventually managed to contact emergency services. It is worth noting that investigators do not suspect any criminal activity in relation to the incident.

In order to reach the affected residence, first responders had to traverse waist-deep water. Additionally, rescuers had to commandeer a golf cart to transport Cannella to a boat, enabling his transfer to a hospital, as disclosed by the fire department..