“Indictment of 17-Year-Old for Murder of O’Shae Sibley Sparks Outrage and Calls for Justice”

By | August 12, 2023



A 17-year-old named Dmitriy Popov has been indicted for the murder of dancer O’Shae Sibley in Brooklyn. Popov pleaded not guilty to hate crime murder. Witnesses say that Sibley and his friends were targeted with homophobic and racist slurs before the deadly confrontation. Popov’s lawyer claims self-defense, but prosecutors believe the act was fueled by prejudice against the LGBTQ and Black communities. The incident has sparked vigils, protests, and grief throughout the nation. Sibley’s impact on the dance community has led to a scholarship being established in his honor. Brooklyn Eagle reported

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office has officially charged a 17-year-old named Dmitriy Popov with the murder of O’Shae Sibley, a local dancer and choreographer. Popov entered a plea of not guilty to the hate crime murder charge. District Attorney Eric Gonzalez expressed his condolences for Sibley’s tragic death and emphasized the importance of holding the alleged perpetrator accountable for their actions. Sibley and his friends were targeted for simply being themselves and enjoying their time dancing. The incident occurred at a Mobil gas station in Midwood, where Sibley and his friends faced homophobic and racist slurs from Popov and his companions.

Eyewitness accounts and authorities’ allegations suggest that the altercation began with Popov and his associates hurling derogatory remarks. Despite Sibley and his friends’ attempts to defuse the situation, it escalated further. After Sibley’s friends left, Popov allegedly continued verbally assaulting him, leading to a fatal physical confrontation that resulted in Sibley’s stabbing and subsequent death.

Popov’s lawyer, Mark Pollard, claims that his client acted in self-defense and denies any allegations of hate speech. However, prosecutors are prepared to present evidence showing that the murder was motivated by prejudice against the LGBTQ and Black communities.

The city is in shock following this tragic incident, leading to vigils, protests, and an outpouring of grief across the nation. The LGBTQ community, in particular, feels a deep sense of loss. Voguing, a dance form closely associated with LGBTQ culture as a means of resistance and self-expression, has become a symbol of this tragedy.

Sibley made a significant impact on the dance community throughout his career, from his early days with the Philadelphia Dance Company to his teaching at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. To honor his memory and inspire others to pursue their passions, a scholarship has been established in his name.


Black gay activist Lee Soulja Simmons aptly captured the sentiment shared by many, stating, “He did not deserve to die in that way.”

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