identity as John Smith.

By | August 12, 2023



identity as a Massachusetts resident. The investigation into the incident is ongoing. SNBC13 reported

Image Description: The provided image depicts a scene with a body of water and a beach in the background. There are several people standing on the shore and emergency personnel attending to a person floating face down in the water.

Headline: Massachusetts Resident Identified as Victim Recovered from Waters near Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

In recent news, the unfortunate individual who was discovered in the waters near Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, earlier this week has now been identified as a resident of the state of Massachusetts. The New Hampshire Marine Patrol has officially confirmed the identity of the deceased.

The tragic incident unfolded when the lifeless body of the victim was found floating face down in the water, prompting immediate action from emergency personnel and authorities at the scene. The image provided captures the distressing situation, with concerned onlookers gathered on the shore while rescue efforts were underway.

After thorough investigation and collaboration with relevant authorities, it has been established that the deceased was a Massachusetts resident, thereby adding a layer of complexity to the already somber circumstances surrounding this incident.


The New Hampshire Marine Patrol, responsible for the maritime safety and enforcement of laws in the region, has meticulously carried out their duties in determining the victim’s identity. This process involved employing advanced techniques and procedures to ensure accurate findings, ultimately leading to the confirmation of the victim’s origin.

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